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Mission: “The G-Academy brings scientific knowledge to the real world“

The G-Academy is the training unit of the G-Group and provides eGovernment coaching, training courses and study tours to managers and practitioners in government organizations from around the world.

In the 21st Century, public organizations require a new breed of public managers with ICT backgrounds and with comprehensive process, leadership, and communication skills to function efficiently and effectively. The G-Academy aims to contribute to the development of this new class of leaders through its training programs and interdisciplinary study tours. Like our other services, our training courses draw upon the practical and scientific knowledge we have gained in industrialized, developing, and emerging countries. Peer group learning, in which participants learn from the experiences of other practitioners, can also be included in these courses.

Participants have the opportunity to learn key eGovernment concepts, familiarize themselves with world-wide developments in eGovernment, gain a deeper understanding of eGovernment’s strategic dimensions and gain insight into how to change structures and processes to implement eGovernment. This includes an understanding and demonstration of skills related to government modernization goals.

Training offerings are planned and organized in close cooperation with the client, to ensure that the client’s training needs are met and also address areas such as eHealth, telemedicine, e Procurement and call centers. Participants are provided with selected examples of these varying approaches and problems faced in their implementation.


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