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G-Solutions is available to actively manage the selection and implementation of the above-mentioned services and infrastructure to promote economic development and quality of life in a region. In such projects, which take a holistic approach, G-Solutions follows a proven process which consists of five overall steps:

  1. Potentials and Needs Analysis
    Data is collected and the situation is mapped. A comprehensive potentials and needs analysis of the region is performed which takes relevant legal, social, economic, infrastructure, demographic and other factors into account.

  2. Selection/Identification of eService
    On the basis of the potentials and needs analysis, appropriate eServices and infrastructure projects are determined which are specifically targeted for the region.

  3. Development of eService Roadmap
    The relevant eServices are discussed and verified with decision-makers. Operating models are developed, and an eService roadmap is compiled which then serves as the basis for implementing these services.

  4. Implementation
    The relevant services are then implemented. Providers are selected, contracts are negotiated and, once in operation, the services are continually evaluated. The implementation is also subject to a controlling process.

  5. Evaluation
    After implementation, the services are evaluated, especially in respect to their usage and their overall impact.


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