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  • Broadband
    Broadband access is an important factor in the economic development of a region. Communities with broadband internet access enjoy considerable advantages in attracting employers, creating jobs, and improving their overall quality of life. For example, high-speed internet access offers residents the ability to do things as diverse as access bank services, interact with government, work from home, download online purchases of music, or even attend online training courses. Internet access is also an increasingly important location factor for businesses.

  • Access Channels
    A variety of access channels is an important success factor in the provision of eServices and citizens services. eGovernment solutions are not only based on the new technologies of email, teleconferencing and world-wide-web communications but must also integrate more “traditional” communications channels such as mail, telephone, fax and face-to-face interactions to truly be effective. Different channels are best suited to certain types of interactions, and different demographic groups tend to utilize different channels, facts which must be taken into account when planning eGovernment solutions to achieve optimal results. The G-Group can help you identify which access channels are necessary for your process, service or interaction and can assist you in implementing and exploiting such channels to your best advantage.


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