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Mission: “G-Consulting means long-term sustainability instead of short-lived success”

G-Consulting provides comprehensive and strategic consulting services which help organizations best adapt and utilize new information and communications technology (ICT). Increasing public value through ICT involves more than just transplanting private sector solutions into public sector organizations. We are familiar with the unique and strategic requirements of government in the adaptation of new technologies and work on technology as well as organisational and policy issues. Our years of experience have given us a deep understanding of how government works; our empirical research has given us expertise in the exploitation of technology to improve government organisations and society.

G-Consulting stands apart from the crowd because of our worldwide perspective and research background. Most consulting firms offer services based upon a consultant’s personal work experience. In contrast, G-Consulting’s services are based on a combination of hands-on project experience and proven scientific research methods. Our knowledge and work comes from insights drawn from our worldwide activities. We are continually searching for good practice solutions in order evaluate it for using it in different organisation and regions. This means more effective, sustainable and efficient solutions for our clients.


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